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Energy Consulting Services

With Feasibly Green, unlock a world where energy efficiency is not just attainable but seamlessly integrated into every facet of your operations, propelling you towards a sustainable, eco-friendly, and financially viable future.

Energy Performance

Navigate through the complexities of energy assessment with our comprehensive ranges of services, which encompass:

  • Building Fabric Calculation: U-value calculation, Whole building heat loss, Room-by-Room calculation. 

  • (Hygro-)Thermal Modelling offering insights into building's or product's thermal and hygrothermal performance under selected conditions. 

  • Overheating risk assessment.


Feasibility Studies

Embark on a journey toward energy optimisation and reduced carbon footprints, with our comprehensive feasibility analysis of suitable energy-efficient solutions and renewable energy technologies that diligently explores:

  • Energy Impacts: Evaluating the potential energy savings and optimisation from proposed measures.

  • Emission Assessments: Analysing reductions in greenhouse gas emissions with the integration of energy-efficient solutions and/or renewable energy technologies.

  • Lifecycle Costing: Offering a clear picture of long-term financial implications and returns on investment.

  • Financial Impact Analysis: Ensuring your investment in efficiency/renewable energy technologies is economically sound and profitable.


Energy Consulting Services

Our Energy Consulting services cover a range of building fabric calculations, (hygro-) thermal modelling assessments, daylighting and overheating assessment.

Some packaged services include:

  • Energy Efficiency Assessment.

  • (Hygro-) Thermal performance evaluation.

  • Feasiblity study for energy efficiency solutions: Insulation,  IAQ, Ventilation, Heating, Cooling, and Lighting.

  • Feasiblity study for low-carbon technologies: Solar PVs, PV - Batteries, Heat pumps,...


Bespoke R&D

Our R&D support is customised to ensure that every step you take is both technically sound and strategically in tune with your goals.

We offer:

  • Customised Feasibility Studies

  • Rigorous Lab Testing

  • Field Monitoring and Data Analysis

  • Comprehensive Reporting

We act as an independent hub to support, oversee, and verify your product claims, ensuring impartiality and credibility.


Performance Evaluation

Our Performance Evaluation services can help to scrutinise performance gap between design and as-built, therefore enhance accurate system sizing, and identify inefficiencies in energy and resource use.

Current services offering:

  • As-built measured performance (U-value, HTC).

  • Thermographic survey.

  • Damp and Mould survey.

  • Pre- and post-retrofit evaluation and measurement.

  • Thermal Comfort and Post-Occupancy Evaluation.

  • Environmental Condition Monitoring.


Training and  Collaboration

Our training is tailored to address your organisation's unique challenges and objectives. Access to our extensive network of specialists and qualified contractors ensures your organisation benefit from nich expertise across a wide range of topics.

Our areas of proficiency include: Passivhaus Design, Low Carbon Buildings, Net Zero Building strategies, Retrofitting, Energy Audit & Benchmarking, Carbon Accounting, Circular Economy practices, Resource Efficiency, and principles of ESG, among others.

We actively seek partnerships with organisations that share our commitment to advancing innovative, low-carbon technologies during this crucial energy transition.

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